Who we are

We are creative, curious people. And we know that AWW is shaped by all of us.

Every one of us brings something different to the table, and we’re proud to be able to call two very different cities - London and Bristol - home.

Hands sketching a sustainable building model

We begin by sitting beside you, to understand the world from your perspective. Then we take a step back and reflect.

We keep things human, and we think carefully about how a space will make people feel. You’ll enjoy working with us as much as you’ll enjoy the places we create.

We never sit still or take our achievements for granted.

Architects sketching in the Bristol office

We take our responsibilities seriously. The built environment shapes everyone’s worlds. We want everything we do to have a positive legacy, and we’re mindful of how our work will stand the test of future generations.

Our clients come back to us again and again. They say it’s because we listen and we’re on their side.

But every long-standing, creatively fulfilling relationship starts somewhere, and it’s by seeking out ambitious people and organisations that we can keep changing our world for the better.

Our door is always open to old friends and to new clients, new collaborations and new ideas.

Welcome to AWW.