The next generation in urban student accommodation.

The Malthouse

Location St Pauls, Bristol
Client Watkin Jones


AWW was appointed by the Watkins Jones Group to help establish their vision for The Malthouse as part of the wider regeneration of St. Pauls. In September 2019 AWW secured planning permission to deliver 348 student accommodation units and ground floor employment space. The project completed in July 2021.


The project vision was to create student housing that reflected the existing context, paying tribute to the creative and vibrant backdrop of the city in which it is situated. We therefore contracted Bristol street artist Gage Graphics, to create three murals mirroring the buildings inner-city footprint. The project is a continuation of the investment and redevelopment of an existing brownfield city centre location within St Pauls. It will build on the improvements already made in the area.

Design Intent

The site was cleared in the December of 2019, with the exception of 25 Wilder Street. This Grade II listed building was retained and restored and now blends seamlessly with the new student accommodation. The demolished buildings were replaced with new structures that mirror and enhance the established urban grain.

Regeneration and Locality

The development includes the regeneration of a brownfield site and the restoration of an at-risk listed building. The city centre location is well connected and served by a range of facilities including convenience stores, restaurants and bars; with excellent public transport connections.


Students positive mental health and wellbeing influenced the number and variety of amenity spaces that will promote arranged and incidental social interaction. Each student has either a private study bedroom or a studio. The students in study bedrooms share a generous living, kitchen, dining space with their ‘flat mates’ where they can socialise, relax or study.

On the ground floor, there is a large amenity space that students need to pass through to get to their rooms. Within the amenity space, there are lounge areas, games areas, a gym and group study spaces. Adjacent to the amenity space there is a separate private dining area with a large kitchen, dining area and lounge; groups of students can book this space for dinner parties.

We also maximised the available external social spaces to host interactions, on the ground floor there is a landscaped courtyard that is used to access two of the three cores. On the 5th floor, there is a roof terrace with a seating area and planting, the terrace receives a lot of sunlight and has views across the city.


The works included restoration of an eighteenth century town house which is now privately occupied.


The design maximises occupancy whilst ensuring that students have enough shared space to socialise, integrate and collaborate.


The Malthouse's design bares resemblance to a row of terrace house, popular within the greater St Pauls area.

It is exciting to see this student development completed and occupied. The area has undergone valuable regeneration in recent years, and we are pleased to have contributed to that by replacing tired post-war industrial buildings with a development that responds well to the local context and provides contemporary spacious, sustainable accommodation to suit the needs of students today."

Philip Bevan

Public Art

There are three pieces of public art, designed by Bristol street artist Gage Graphics, that pay homage to Wilder Street's urban context.

Concept Sketch

Reflecting on the initial concept sketch you can see how the completed project has taken it's exact form.