our staff have smoothly migrated to permanently working from home, continuing to plan, design and collaborate on all our projects communicating and sharing information with our clients and consultants.

we will continue to improve how we work as we develop our skills in working more remotely to protect all our employees and the people we collaborate with to keep them safe. Keep an eye on our social channels for the latest news and project updates

Original story published March 16

With increasing concern regarding the spread of the COVID 19 virus we confirm that AWW are actively taking steps to mitigate the impact and ensure that we can, as far as possible, maintain business resilience. Although we anticipate that there will inevitably be some disruption, our systems and infrastructure will allow us to work and communicate remotely across the teams to make sure that projects can be progressed.

Officewide, we are rolling out technology to ensure that all staff will be able to work remotely. As a first step we have divided the office (across teams) so that at any one time 20% of the office will be working from home. This is to allow staff in work to sit further apart and create an environment where there is generally a lower concentration of people. We also have 3 offices and can share the work between offices if necessary and subject to any confidentiality issues that may relate to particular projects.

Coupled with this is a policy of increasing general information and awareness, the introduction of additional hygiene measures and a strict policy that anyone that is feeling unwell or returning from a country / region known to have a high concentration of the virus, stays at home and self isolates. Staff who display symptoms will be sent home immediately and asked to self-isolate in accordance with guidelines, as will staff who live with those who develop symptoms.

We have also introduced a policy of not attending face to face meetings unless absolutely necessary. If attendance is required this can be done but with sensible precautions; everyone attending being fit and healthy, avoiding direct contact and if possible sitting 2 metres apart. Similarly, participation at seminars and events will be curtailed as a sensible precaution.

We will review our policy on a regular basis against emerging government advice and are confident that we will be able to provide continued support to your projects. We will, as always, be monitoring our project work regularly to ensure that key milestones and deliverables are prioritised and our work can continues throughout this period of uncertainty