LHC is a not-for-profit central purchasing body which develops compliant Frameworks available to all publicly funded contracting authorities to construct, refurbish and maintain social housing, schools and public buildings.

Our success in bidding for a place on the LHC Framework pre-qualifies AWW to work on a range of residential-led public sector schemes across the South West and Wales, under the South West Procurement Alliance and the Welsh Procurement Alliance. AWW can be directly appointed under the Framework.

We will bring our sustainable and holistic design approach to every LHC project, delivering positive environmental impact and supporting net zero carbon targets. We will also include a full range of design principles on each project, covering physical (resilient build assets and infrastructure), social (sustainable communities), economic (longevity, efficiency and productivity), human (wellbeing and skills) and natural (environment and resources).

We believe there is a real synergy between AWW’s ethos and LHC’s strategic aims: we put people at the heart of all we do.

We are committed to helping LHC to deliver tangible social value and community benefits to ensure that, wherever possible, projects leave a social legacy.

This dovetails with our ESG goal to deliver quality architecture and interior design, through:

(E) Creating a net-gain environmental impact.

(S) Enhancing people’s quality of life.

(G) Fostering relationships and developing partnerships for delivery that support our core values and improve our ability as designers and advocators to effect positive change.