An inspirational building for independent study

Hayesfield Girls’ School

Location Bath
Client Hayesfield Girls' School

Brief history

Hayesfield Girls’ School is an all-girl secondary school with a co-educational sixth form, located in the Oldfield Park area of Bath. Won in competition, this project replaced the inadequate and deteriorating sports and performing arts facilities with a new building.


Our successful concept was to build on the initial brief for sports and performing arts facilities by introducing a new ‘heart’ to the school. We did this by incorporating a new main entrance, reception and open learning centre at the core of the building. The West Wing includes a sports hall, gymnasium, fitness suite, netball courts and all weather pitch as well as performing arts facilities for music and dance and art teaching.

Design delivery

The preferred location was determined through a careful analysis of the site topography – the school grounds fall some 12m across the site - together with community consultation.

The design also makes use of Bath stone and other natural materials, including weathered zinc, breaking down the overall scale of the building using a contemporary language.

Overcoming challenges

We needed to minimise the removal from site of the extensive quantity of soil excavated from the hillside. This was used to raise the level of the existing dilapidated netball court, which was repurposed as a new MUGA pitch.

User experience

The West Wing provides a range of new facilities which enhance the curriculum and are also available for community use, outside of the school day. It was officially opened by Amy Williams, former student and Winter Olympics Gold Medallist.


This reception space was designed to enhance the school’s role as both a high achieving Academy School and an integral part of the local community.

Views of the city

The school grounds fall 12m across the site and the design took advantage of this site topography by partially burying larger elements of the scheme in the hillside. This resulted in a scheme that cascades across the site, allowing wide ranging views of the city.

The building is inspirational and allows for our students to study independently and indeed encourages them to stay at school well into the evening. It also means that the school is now at the heart of the Oldfield Park community as a resource for sport and leisure.

Erica Draisey, Headmistress at Hayesfield Girls’ School

Amy Williams Sports Centre

The West Wing includes the Amy Williams Sports Centre, fitness suite, outdoor netball courts and all weather sports pitch.

Roper Theatre

Students and the public also benefit from a 320 seater theatre plenary space with two seating arrangements, offering professional theatre lighting, sound and projection, plus a green room, changing rooms and a theatre control room.