A place to call home

pivot + mark

Location Bristol
Client V7 Asset Management

Brief history

The building occupies a vibrant central position within Bristol, nestled amongst several cultural landmarks. Formally known as Bridge House, it was constructed in the 1950s and remains relatively unchanged. It is locally listed and sits within a conservation area.

The notable and locally recognisable curved frontage became a significant influence in the design to re-establish the identity of the front elevation.

Joining the project with the ambition to rejuvenate the façade and upgrade the interior, pivot + mark is now home to AWW. Taking occupation of the second floor of this transformed building has been made more enjoyable having been part of the journey and witnessing the building evolve.


Our ambition for the building was to revive a tired exterior and develop an attractive commercial interior space, bringing it back to life.

We wanted to create a clearly defined entrance that whilst minimal in fabric and palette would ultimately make it stand apart on the muddled, busy, existing streetscape.

Internally there was an ambition for the fit out to move the space away from a traditional office setting into an open, creative, studio where we could collaborate as a team.

Project Delivery

Project delivery was briefly stalled due to the 2020 pandemic however thanks to the efforts of all involved we soon returned to site.

AWW coordinated the design and delivery teams throughout the project, witnessing our concepts come to life.

Collaboration was paramount to keep the project and vision on track and uphold site health and safety. The development took a phased approach with the secondary stages delivered on a live site.

Delivering the design

The expansion of the entrance re-established the clean lines and curve of the building at street level as well as enabling the creation of a purposeful shared space on the ground floor. The foyer accommodates a reception, coffee bar, meeting and break out space adding depth to the building and encouraging collaboration.

The intentionally natural and neutral scheme seeks to contrast with the busy advertisements and signage of the surroundings. Interiorly the materials pick up on key feature tones from existing terrazzo wall panelling uncovered and restored during the refurbishment alongside black flecks providing contrast materials throughout.


Wellbeing and sustainability were central to the design and specification of both the CAT A build and our studio, with consideration given to the impact of materials both on the environment and the experience of the user.

Materially the studio links to the base build with Bolon flooring; certified to be produced with zero climate impact, laid throughout.

Recognising the importance to re-use, the studio design utilises existing workstations, seating and meeting tables, altered to suit evolving technologies, and supported by additional furniture selected to provide varied and inclusive settings.

pivot + mark achieves BREEAM ‘Very Good’ accreditation, Wired Score ‘Gold’ and Cycle Score ‘Gold’ certification.

User experience

The space we have developed was in response to our extensive employee engagement. It was their aspirations that drove many of our design decisions. Designing the AWW studio space, during the pandemic, provided a unique opportunity to create an agile and responsive environment. Recognising the range of activities workplaces support and bringing together elements of home, work and collaborative studio space to create a creative hub for AWW.

The differing settings across the open plan floorplate; sitting, standing, quiet, relaxed, social – encourage free flow, collaboration and creativity. Central dinning and welfare areas also prompt interaction and cross pollination.

Meeting rooms have been strategically placed at either end of the floorplate to allow movement through the space, this way visitors pass through the studio and are witness to the way in which we work. The glass walls of the meeting rooms offer private meeting spaces whilst not inhibiting the desired openness.


One of the championing characteristics of pivot + mark is the exceptional amount of natural light. There are no ‘dark spots,’ glazing runs across both sides of the building with every desk being in proximity to a window - creating a bright workplace.

The extensive planting we have incorporated within the studio brings nature inside, connecting the internal space with the external environment. Supporting how the principle of biophilia has become particularly important within workplace design.

In reconfiguring the internal layout it has enabled the building to incorporate improved welfare, cycle and changing provisions. The introduction of these facilities has contributed to making a work-life balance more seamless.

Looking to the future

The design of the floorplates allows for flexible future occupation over part, whole or multiple floors.

A collaborative studio

The studio has a range of different work settings to suit any requirement.

Sample Library

When designing the studio we were be able to create unique work spaces with purpose.

With our own employees as the client this project was very close to our hearts, we put everything into this development to make it a home to nurture our team and inspire our clients. We see this space as a showcase of our work.

Naomi Waterman, Associate and Head of Interiors

Natural light

Glazing surrounds the building to ensure natural light floods every corner of the studio.

Attention to detail

Every space has been carefully curated to inspire and engage.

pivot + mark has been brought to life thanks to our design vision and project delivery. We are now proud occupants of this regenerated building and have enjoyed the other floors of the building become occupied over the pursuant months. It is a true testament to our expertise and passion for designing versatile, beautiful spaces.

Jamie Furse, Project Director

An open kitchen

The kitchen has been strategically placed in the centre of the studio to spark conversation and invoke the cross pollination of ideas.