Are you the same person or organisation in 2021 as you were way back at the beginning of 2020?

In 2021 we have moved forward – we are more confident in who we are, where we are going, what our aspirations are, what drives us and we’ve done something about visually representing this to everyone else too. You can find this story in our award winning website.

It has been quite a journey and the challenges unpredictable – the pandemic nearly stalled the project before it even got off the ground but ultimately at a time when we needed to be seen and heard we have made ourselves visible – as authentically as we could.

To deliver this new, fresh, authentic website we worked in partnership with Ten4. Ten4 instantly got AWW and have worked diligently and patiently alongside us as we’ve navigated our way around the conundrum that is a website build. We slimmed down our portfolio and brought it to life through a sensitive mix of stills, moving images and written content.

Together we achieved a website with a simple design and focus on content that tells a human story.

AWW is renowned for forming supporting partnerships and for excellence in collaboration; our website UX is designed to reflect this with the site supporting and guiding our visitors, providing an accessible portfolio and insight into our personality.

One key user UX was to simplify the navigation. Our final navigation design draws people into either our portfolio or practice information, with a clear search icon to aid discovery. The breakdown of our work into three categories – Live, Work and Learn – further clarifies the user journey to aid navigation.

To complete this story we made the 2021 shortlist of the Archiboo Awards in the Best User Experience category for our website and then went on to win! A true testament to how successful this journey has been and a celebration of the team’s dedication to getting this right.