Mark Alker Stone

Practice Director and Architect

We’re passionate about the way people interact with space through built form. Buildings and spaces give us the opportunity to live healthy, sustainable lives.”

Mark is the AWW Practice Director, respected across the industry for his experience, knowledge and expertise.

He is well known for building rapport with his clients: listening, understanding and capturing their requirements in order to optimise design solutions and deliver creative environments and places. Mark’s strength lies his ability to grasp the complexities of a major project with a keen eye to visualise and create beautiful designs.

Mark has designed and delivered major projects which have contributed to Bristol’s success as a commercial hub. This includes one of the largest owner-occupied properties constructed in the city in recent years: Imperial Brands HQ. Mark’s ability to embed himself in Imperial’s culture, values and aspirations with people at the heart of the project, is reflected in the bespoke workplace design.

Mark drives AWW’s enthusiasm for developing technology that will support sustainable built environments and improved building performance which enhances the design solution. He focuses on the need for flexibility and sustainability, whatever the ambition or purpose of a building.

Following his tenure as Chair of the South West and Wales Committee of the British Council for Offices (BCO) and regional BCO judging chair spanning over 10 years , Mark continues to promote exceptional design, supporting progression, sustainability and good practice throughout the sector. Mark also collaborates with a team of industry representatives in forging new development opportunities which benefit our community.