Digital Design

We remain at the cutting edge embedding digital design at the heart of our design and quality procedures.

Our award-winning use of BIM technology is a key aspect of our approach to ensuring the design is aligned with the cost.

Staff using VR headset

We work closely with our clients to establish collaborative working practices within the design and delivery teams, and to define the precise information requirements which need to be captured within our models, reports and structured data outputs.

AWW employs a number of technologies for use on our models, including VR, AR and real time rendering, to bring designs to life for clients. These same models provide the basis for our environmental analysis and clash detection procedures as we co-ordinate the design through the design cycle.

Exeter College BIM

Every project in the office is developed to meet the standards which underpin the UK government definition of BIM Level 2.

CGI exterior of Bath university

We use BIM on all projects because it enhances the quality of our design, the quality of our deliverables and opens up new opportunities to engage with our clients and other stakeholders.

Our extensive and expert use of BIM from early on in the design stages, coupled with our environmental analysis tools, informs design decisions from a technical environmental performance angle. This brings clarity and a methodical approach to the design decision making process from the outset. BIM improves collaboration throughout the conception, construction and running of a building.