We see environmental challenges as opportunities to explore alternative ways of thinking, to be resourceful and curious, and to find solutions.

Team meeting sitting around boardroom table
Sustainable building sketch

AWW is committed to making a positive impact. We recognise that sustainable design is inseparable from good design, and our goal is to create beautiful places that enhance people’s lives and give back to the environment.

Circular ethos diagram

Collectively we have a significant climate challenge to respond to, and as design leaders, our responsibility is to help shift the building industry mindset to one of resourcefulness and environmental regeneration, through good design and advocacy.

Our Sustainability Hub and CoLab Studio work together to combine our experience with our research. Through studying completed and current work, and exploring emerging themes and technology, we are continually growing an understanding of how project decisions affect the environment.

Farmiloe interior showing heritage and new build elements

We establish sustainability goals with our clients that balance social, environmental and economic value. This includes providing guidance on performance metrics and setting up key design principles to achieve these goals. We then analyse designs throughout the RIBA stages to monitor progress and to drive sustainable outcomes.

Collaboration is key to effect change, and we have pledged to make the most of every opportunity to learn, influence, and join others in improving the building industry’s impact on the environment. As part of this commitment, we are supporters of RetroFirst and Architects Declare.