Social Value

We pledge to do business in a way that benefits society and the planet.

Our Pledges

These are the pledges that we have committed to, to do business in a way that benefits society and the planet.


We pledge to build a sustainable future by embedding a circular economy into our design and build processes (environment).


Human-centric buildings

We pledge to place people at the heart of our design process so that the buildings we design become a means of enhancing quality of life for all.

Health and Wellbeing

We pledge to prioritise wellbeing and inspire connection through providing empowering and inclusive environments that stimulate physical and mental health.

Education and Skills

We pledge to continually develop our thinking, invest in our team, and inspire the next generation of innovators to always raise the standards of the industry.

Social and community

We pledge to work collaboratively with community partners to understand and design for the whole life cycle of a building to develop resilient communities.

Designing out crime (crime and justice)

We pledge to design and create built environments that reduce risk and vulnerability for users.


We pledge to conduct our business and projects in an equitable, accountable and inclusive way, and through our actions we aim to be recognised within our industry as social value leaders.


We pledge to increase positive impact by building relationships and promoting ethics, transparency and Social Value within our partnerships.

Our key objective is to help our clients achieve their Environmental Social and Governance (ESG). We do this through good design and leadership that enables positive social and environmental outcomes.

We are the first architectural practice to have achieved Social Value Quality Mark® Level 1 accreditation. The Quality Mark recognises commitment to doing business in a way that benefits society and the planet. It is one of the most rigorously tested awards of its kind.

We have made a series of ESG pledges as a practice that we are committed to delivering through quality architecture and interior design:

(E – Environmental)
Creating a net-gain environmental impact.

(S – Social) Enhancing people’s quality of life.

(G - Governance) Fostering relationships and developing partnerships for delivery that support our core values and improve our ability as designers and advocators to effect positive change.

Our 8 ESG pledges are underpinned by a comprehensive set of key value indicators (KVIs) which enable us to measure, record and improve. These align with the UNSDG and the National TOMS framework.


As Architects and Interior Designers we have a specific impact on the built environment and how our projects, supply chain and the process we engage with positively contribute to society. We look to continually understand how we can promote social innovation and develop healthier, safer and more resilient communities.


As a practice the culture we uphold internally should influence the ethos we project externally. AWW cares about its people and thrives on celebrating them. We strive to be socially inclusive as a practice and ensure we continue to support, mentor, encourage one another and promote wellbeing.


We wish to contribute to our respective cities and wider society within and beyond the work we do as Architects. We have the potential to develop ourselves outside of our roles and more importantly to recognise what we have to offer.

We have undergone a comprehensive review of our operations and practices to understand our current and future actions, operations and policies. The resultant pledges frame our core values and are measured against a set of KVIs which enable us to hold ourselves accountable by recording our social value on a quantifiable scale. This will structure our evolvement as a business in how we operate in, and contribute to, society and our industry.